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I wanted to email to let you know how pleased we were with your blank guns and with your service. We talked to Sherry when we called and were really surprised at her knowledge (and patience with us). We were in a jam. We were assigned to get 2 blank guns for a student film we were making and knew NOTHING about blank guns. We had to be sure of their safety and of their ability to function like a real gun. We wanted to be sure they looked real. The PPK and the 1911 blank guns were exactly what we needed for that era as she said it would be. Thank you Sherry and Blank guns Depot.

Autumn C.,
Colombia, SC

Your www.blank-guns-depot.com website has the best selection of blank guns that we found on the web. Your quality and your service are second to none. We got what we ordered delivered when it was suppose to. The tracking number being emailed to us was great. Just wanted you to know - Job well done - we will return!

Jerome C.,
Upper Marlboro, Maryland

I have got to let you know how pleased I am with your service. I called at 4:30 PM and got some blank guns shipped that day to arrive the next day. They did---wow! I found out later that it was 3:30 your time but that still is great. I also appreciate your helping me with the correct selection. I can’t say enough about how much you bailed me out on this. I will refer you to anyone with replica weapons needs.

Anita B.,
Cheshire, Connecticut


Thank you so much for taking care of my order lost by UPS and for your patience when I lost my temper about it. It was great of you to overnight a replacement so we could use the blank firing Peacemaker in the production without breaking our schedule. I was really in a jam about that. It is good to see a business that can be at their best even when a customer is at their worse. Blank guns depot is my our place for blank guns from now on!

Thanks for everything,

Evelyn J.,
Mesa, Arizona

Just a note to let you know that the blank guns were more than we expected. The quality is unbelievable. They look and feel very real. Thank you also for taking my call and order so late in the day. They were shipped and delivered just as you said. The next time we need blank guns I will be calling you.

Thanks a million!

Scott R.,
Bay Head, New Jersey

Hey guys, I want to thank you for helping me with the blank gun for our track and field events. I was assigned to get a started pistol for the events. I am a coach not a gun expert. Your assistance and selection was very good. As you assured me it would, it worked every time with no malfunctions. It was easy to operate and very safe. They said it was better than the last one we had. I would have never heard the end of it if this had gone sour during the track meet.


Leon Davidson,
Dallas, Texas


I am glad I called you. I did not see your other section with replica guns, swords and other non firing replica items. I was able to get the blank guns and the swords all at the same place. I just want to let you know that the items are great and they did get here on time. Your help made this very easy, as I was very unsure of what I needed. When I am assigned for prop weapons again I will surely call you. Hope your ill ferrate recovers. They are such dear pets. Feel free to post this if you would like.

Thank you,

Carla N.,
Milford, Connecticut

The Colt Det-4 Blank gun has worked out very well for my dog training purposes. I will be using more of these as my business grows. I am pleased with how easy the are to use with no misfires. Thanks again.

Doug F.
Atlanta, Ga.


Thanks again for getting my order shipped so fast. The P22 is great. It looks and feels like the real thing. It really did well in the video. The actor wanted to keep it---no way!! I will be back soon.

Brad Z.
San Francisco, Ca.

The items arrived today. They are every bit as good as we had hopped for, especially the Jackal. You “tell it like it is”. Blank guns Depot is awesome.


Sean W.,
Mobile, Alabama

The blank guns you recommended for our training drills have worked out very well. They make instruction very realistic without the danger of a live firing weapon for an inexperienced shooter. We will get more next year. Thanks again!!

Mel R.,
Orlando Fl.

An update I promised on the blank guns for self defense training: These blank firing guns from your www.Blank-guns-depot.com are working out great. We wanted to have the students use something more realistic than rubber guns to better simulate an actual attach. We feel we can better train for real life scenarios with the blank guns. They are also holding up very well and are reliable. Thanks for helping us with the selections. We will return for more.

Lane S.,
Indianapolis, In.

The blank peacemakers and the lever action blank rifle really made “Annie Get your guns” have a more genuine effect. Thanks for your help with it. I will tell others about your website and your great service.

Russell T.,
Macon, Georgia

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In compliance with Federal Law All Blank guns and all Replica Guns Replicating a model newer than 1896 must have a Red/Orange tip in the end of the Barrel. None of our Replica or Blank Guns can be converted or modified to fire real ammunition. Our Replicas are sold and intended for Display, Theatrical and Historical Value only.

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